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Feeding a dog that will not eat.

Wiener Dog Walk

Molly Mutt. Oct-22-2018

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We lost our Molly on Oct-22.2018 she was 9. We had to put her to sleep. A day doesn't go by that I don't miss her. She was the first one in our pack of 3. Sam who she was bonded with had a hard time. I could tell me missed her. She now sits on a shelf in my living room watching over her pack. We miss you my little Razzmatazz. Rest in peace baby girl.


Dog caught stealing chicken nuggets.

Dachshund swimming underwater!

Happy Birthday (11) and Gotcha Day (8) Beau on April 1st

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We picked up Beau on his birthday April 1st and brought him home 8 years ago on his 3rd birthday. Boy, he's 11!!!
You'd never know looking at his face.

Happy Birthday and Gotcha Day sweetie.

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