New breeder here need a question asnwered


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Hi I have beautiful healthy male. That came from great bloodlines. I have done his DNA testing and everything came back cleared. I have decided that I would like to start a breeding program and get my own female.
Can you breed a dapple to a chocolate and tan or cream? I know with the cream they can carry hidden dapples so I will have to watch for that. But wanted second opinion I have attached a pic of my boy and then the two color options I'm looking at for a female.5A0D1BBD-A1E2-4908-B259-E69CD3CCBABB.jpeg51235B14-075F-4912-B925-88ECC08F521A.jpeg34CCB6FB-9FF6-4D52-8805-52CFEA8A08C6.jpeg