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Hey there guys. I have a 15 year old red little girl that has the typical signs of dementia. She’s blind, half deaf but gets around well considering. I have done a little reading on medication for her, and I need guidance on what supplements would be good for her to take and dosages. Thanks
This won't help except to say we are in the same boat here. My soon to be 15 year old has Canine Cognitive Disorder (Dementia) and very little hearing or sight. There are meds for the dementia but we have opted not to use them. My girl refuses to take meds most days. She was on them for other issues and it became a daily battle. Trust me I tried soo many different ways to get her to take them! I decided quality of life was more important at this stage of the game and getting frustrated daily wasn't a good quality for either of us. That was a year ago. Her dementia hasn't worsened. There are times where she paces around the house and she looses me all the time even if I am in the same room with her. I do have to remind her to eat most days. She sleeps a great deal.. prefers to be plastered to my side.. the one really awful thing is separation anxiety. Fortunately my work is flexible and I can do a good bit from home.
I'm in the same boat also. I have one who about 16 or 17 now (I've had him for 9 years) and is blind, mostly deaf and definitely shows signs of dementia. Otherwise he does great. Mostly sleeps. Eats like a champ and still give kisses. I keep him in the master bedroom so he doesn't get lost and he seems fine with that.