Urinating A lot


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We have Badger 14+ years old who's has what we call episodes?He will go outside and attempt(but nothing comes out)sometimes 5-6 times a minute for a few minutes(seems like he keeps having the urge to potty bit nothing comes out)He's not marking and seems a bit lethargic when he has these episodes and the usually last 3-10 minutes and the they seem to stop, he has been doing this for years and of course our vet has no idea what is causing it, he does have cushings but believe me we have had EVERY test done on this earth with no exact diagnosis?any suggestions?Thank You

Cashs Mom

It sounds like a UTI, but I'm sure your vet has tested for that. I had one dog who was pre-diabetic that had to pee a lot, but not that type of pattern.