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hi I have a Black and Tan piebald dachshund I was looking to breed down the road. What would you recommend pairing him with? Please let me know your thoughts


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You haven't mentioned if there is any dapple in the pedigree. Since many pies may have hidden dapple, you must stay away from any female that is a dapple/or hidden dapple. A good breeder will have already had DNA testing done on any female he/she plans to breed and would also insist that any prospective stud will also have DNA testing done to rule out dapple and other traits that are carried by dachshunds. Dapple to dapple is a big no no and can result in double dapple puppies who may be deaf, blind, missing limbs, or have other deformities. Once you have had DNA testing on your own little guy to rule out most of the diseases that affect dachshunds and can be passed on if your dog and prospective female are clear, you should find a show breeder to see if he has any outstanding qualities in conformation and temperament to improve the breed. I am not a fan of broken coats, so I would breed your smooth hair to another smooth hair. Have enough ready cash to pay for vet bills for mom and puppies, or even a c-section if necessary. Read all you can about dachshund genetics, conformation, temperament.