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Long time mini dachshund lover/owner. My last girl died in August at age 15 1/2 and I miss her terribly. She was a beautiful long haired red girl. Not sure if I will get another, but also can't imagine not having a dachshund in my life. Not ready just yet, but maybe someday. The breeder I adopted my last three dogs from has retired, so will have to search again if that time comes. Enjoy you dogs every day, it is awful when they are gone.


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I am so sorry that you lost your last little girl. I understand all to well the sorrow and emptiness you are experiencing. My last little girl died in December, 2017 and I still miss her beyond belief. She was the one dog that was the love of my life. I have since adopted a retired smooth haired mini female. Her name is Annie and she does her best to remind me that life goes on after the loss of a beloved dachshund, but I will never forget or stop missing my Libby who is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. Libby is the black and tan in the doughnut bed to the left. My advice would be to talk to breeders now, especially if you want to purchase a retired show/breeder dog. It took me what seemed like ages to find Annie. Check out AKC Breeders of Merit to find out if they rehome dogs who are older and inquire if they have a waiting list. My deepest sympathy for your loss.