Jumping, Licking, Too Much Praise?


New Member
Hi Everyone! I posted in the new member section, but it seems applicable here under obedience and training.

Can anyone help me out with the following behaviors?

Stanley, our 5 month old mini, acts like he NEEDS to be near me at all times. When I pick him up or sit with him in my lap, he lunges/jumps right in my face. It actually startles me every time as I'm new the dachshund world. He will do this even more if I say "Off" with a treat - which worked just fine with our other dog. Granted, we've only had Stanley for four days. I know he is wanting to give kisses and be close to be so I'm staying patient and optimistic, but also looking for advice.

I have noticed that the face jumping/lunging increases if I give him too much praise. Maybe more than praise he just wants to be close to me?

Anyway, any all and all advice is appreciated! :)