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Apparently Amazon is out of stock, so I went to Google and typed in Dog Care Edge Ultrasonic dog trainer bark deterrent
That's great to hear that you were successful in stopping your dachshund from barking. I'm curious, do you happen to know what type of device you used to stop her barking? When you used it, did you notice any signs of discomfort from your dog? I'm wondering if perhaps the sound or vibration might have been new to her, or if it caused any pain. I'm also curious if the vibrating collar could potentially cause any harm on the highest setting, although it's possible that it didn't bother her if she continued to bark. Of course, I could be mistaken, so I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on the matter.
I think the first time I used it, it really got her attention, might have frightened her a tad, but didn't seem to hurt her in anyway, but it certainly stopped her in mid bark. I do have to keep the device above her ability to reach it because she will take her blanket, or laundry from the laundry basket and cover it up, I currently have three of the devices one by the front door, one on the back door, and one in my car because she barks at fast food restaurants speaker box when I try to order. She is so loud I can't hear to person to give my order to and he/she can't hear me. Now I take the device out of the compartment between the front seats and she is immediately silent.
I notice this device is currently on sale from dog care for the next 16 hours at $14.99. I wholeheartedly suggest you give it a try.
Re: the Vibrating collar, it was a waste of money because after a couple weeks, she ignored the vibrations and barked anyway.Good luck and I hope it works for you.
I am currently taking the device with me when Annie goes outdoors to potty because recently coyotes have been reported in my neighborhood. I theorize that if it works on dogs, it may also deter coyotes if one appears while we are outside.
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