Hi looking for advise.


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Hi my lovely mini dachshund had 2 puppies in the night, she did it all herself..today is her due date so I thought she would give me signs that she was about to go into labour, and that I would be there to aid her but she didn't make a sound last night and just did it all. Both puppies are dry and nursing, she is licking/cleaning them. My question is on the ultra sound there were visibly 3 sacks with puppies in them but only 2 have arrived. Could another one be coming or is it unlikely? Mother is sleeping now with her puppies and doesn't look like she's still in labour? Thank you x


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Hi Purdy,

How is mom and the pups doing? Did you find a third? What colors? We have a gang of doxies. Love to see puppies.



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Did the third baby emerge? Have my fingers crossed that your dam had a smooth whelping in every respect.