Doggy DNA tests


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Has anybody here done a Doggy DNA test?

I recently did one for Ichabod, still waiting on the results back.

I never really got info on my Icky's background. I saw photos of his siblings before hand and got a quick description of his mom and dad. Icky is such a weirdo lol we have a 12 year old mini dachshund and comparing the two of them and looking at photos and seeing other dachshunds in person I'm pretty sure he is mixed with SOMEthing. He definitely has the dachshund body, face and dare I say, attitude lol but we noticed his legs look slightly longer and he has rose ears! I read that some puppies will hold their ears similarly and grow out of it, but I'm certain these are just the way his ears are and will be. He's so cute and silly looking I can't wait to get the results back.

20170817_153858.jpg 20170817_154026.jpg 20170806_112223.jpg