Dietary supplements: Mini Dachshund

Hello, I'm new here and wanted to see if anyone has recommendations for supplementing my 18 week old smooth haired mini dachshund to stop flaky dry skin and generally ensure his wellbeing is optimised. I currently feed him Royal Canin Mini Junior Kibbles but read something about adding enzymes and other things to his diet to help ensure he's super healthy. If you have a mini dachshund and can make any suggestions, I'd be most grateful. Thanks


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I added "The Missing Link, Puppy Health Formula" to my puppy's food when I was weaning her, then added their "Ultimate Small Breed Skin & Coat" once she was weaned. I bought from in the US.

I still supplement her "wet" meal - the raw meat and vegetables one - with a Skin & Coat and also Hip & Joint supplements. Being in powder form it is very easy to measure out the amount she has for her weight. She is raw fed so I cannot advise on the kibble you give your pup but you should find information about it on

You will see the various products on their website and I hasten to add that I have nothing to do with the company - I just use their products because I think that they are the best for a small short-coated little pup. My girl is now 6 kilo, 16 months-old with a coat that gleams and feels like velvet.

A small amount [maybe ¼ teaspoon] of pure coconut oil added to your pup's food is also excellent for your little one's skin.


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I just started my 15 week old mini girl on Wellactin Canine Omega 3. 1/2 a scoop every other day as per my vet's instructions. Her skin is a little dry and she is also recovering from PDA heart surgery.


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Poor little girl to have to have that surgery - how is she doing? As I suggested to the OP, about ¼ teaspoon of pure coconut oil added to her food should help with dry skin.