Brownwood Farm Dachshunds? And other GA breeders.


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Hello, I am new around here obviously, and have been doing some research on breeders near me and came across this breeder (Brownwood Farm) on the DCA website. After looking at their page, they seem like a breeder I might be interested in talking to. But I was wondering if anyone around here has heard of them, or knows anything about them? I did a search in this forum, and no results were found so I thought I would just ask.

Thanks for any information you can give me.


PS: And if anyone has any referrals for breeders in Georgia, that would be helpful as well. Thanks again!


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The owners at Brownwood farms are close personal friends of mine. They are amazing people and produce quality dogs. My family currently has 3 minis that were all bred at Brownwood. The Brownwood team actually just won best smooth hair daschaund at Westminster yesterday! Please look into these fine people, I have nothing but positive praise for their work and their kindness.