Need Help Best Harness Brand??


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I have an 8 year old long hair doxie and she loves to RUN! We go on walks, camping, swimming and she just loves to be outside. For the most part at home she is off leash, however when we go camping/walks I prefer to put a harness on her. The harness I have been using for her was just a simple strap harness from petco. However when we walk she pulls, and ended up getting bruising on her chest :( As much as Id love to teach her not to pull, I dont think that is going to happen any time soon.

Im having issues finding a lightweight, not bulky harness that fits her well. I am finding that the ones that are all cloth (over the shoulders) seem to be like turtle neck sweaters on her. So Id love to find one that has straps there but light weight/easily drying cloth on the belly. Does such a thing exist?!

thanks for all your help!
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My girl has a very pronounced sternum. The only harness I have found that doesn't end up in her arm pits is a Puppia.