Basic Breeding Questions


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Hey everyone! I'm just after a few very basic questions regarding breeding to be answered as it's a bit of a minefield going about this through google. We have our dogs safety and happiness at heart and it's our priority so just a few cab off the rank questions while we consider potentially breeding them.

1. What coats/colours are not to be bred with each other? I'm already very
aware of the double dapple problem, but are there any other combinations that should be avoided for the pups safety?
2. How does one get their dogs DNA tested to learn more about their makeup and any health defects? Is this a service provided by your vet?
3. How much $ (I'm based in Australia but feel free to use your currency and I'll convert) would you recommend to set aside for each puppy to have their microchipping, vaccinations, worming, vet checks etc to be performed? We are trying to get a sense of the investment required to take care of the puppies properly.

Thanks so much for your time and any insight you can provide.