Are Merle colored dachshunds sicker?


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Thanks for getting back to me! I don't have any pictures of the Mom and Dad, but one was a dapple (dark with silver spots, the opposite of mine) with no white at all, and the other was a black and tan. In Martini's litter (the girl with the 3/4 blue 1/4 brown eye), all of the puppies looked like their mom except one who looked like the dad, Martini was the only one with white. I only saw one other dapple puppy from Rossi's litter and it was a chocolate dapple with no white at all - I have a picture of that puppy I can post, and there was a black and tan from his litter too I believe. However, I am thinking now that she actually does have more than one breeding pair because a friend of mine said one of her horse boarders got a puppy from a woman with the same name and when I described where she lived, she said she was positive it was the same place - that puppy was only a few weeks difference in age from there must be at least 2 Moms, and now I'm wondering if it was the dad that was dapple and I only saw one of the Moms and possibly the other mom is dapple as well. Who knows:(

I'm glad to hear they won't develop issues later on! They are definitely completely happy and healthy now, lol.

Yes I applied to adopt Poppy! I don't know though, I do work odd hours so chances are I won't be approved (even though I have 2 who are spoiled rotten and taken extremely well care of). I just hope she does go to someone who will take excellent care of her:) I just looked at Darby, and I'm going to send an email about her too:)

Thanks again!


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Well my 13 year old sheltie has gone deaf, he can hear somethings whistle, hand clap. We keep a close eye on him when he is out. but mostly he just lays on the porch.

Is there a site where it shows the Doxie colors to go with the name?