AKC Question


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I have a dog I bought from a breeder, this person was the owner of the dog, not the Breeder of the dog. I sent my papers in on said dog to transfer ownership, the AKC refused to transfer ownership to me because the previous owner was not in good standing with the AKC. My question is: why should I not be able to transfer to my name because of something this other person did.


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There could be numerous reasons why they won't register the dog. You just have to tell them it is unfair to punish you for the mistakes the old owner made. For whatever reasons they have to not like the old owner they need to realize you and that person are 2 different people and the mistakes that person made doesn't mean you are going to make those same mistakes. Hope it turns out for the best and enjoy your new dog. It always fun when you first get a dog trying to learn their traits and the dog trying to learn yours as well.


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If someone is not in good standing with AKC, how can you expect them to stand behind their dogs? It's up to that person to fix the situation, not AKC.