Advice for older adopted puppy


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Siggy is 10 months old and has had unlimited outside access via a doggy door. I have a fenced in yard and have been letting him outside often, but it's been hit or miss whether he goes in the house or outside. I have him on an hourly schedule, then plan to move it to two, then three. Or do I need to do the whole crate training thing again?
We did pretty well with taking ours out on a leash at scheduled times, heaping praise when the deed was done. They caught on pretty quickly, although there was some variance in how quickly each dog figured out what we wanted.

It also helped when we had two dogs to take out. The new one kinda learned from the veteran.

Of course, others may have had a different experience.

On Edit: Hourly may be a bit extreme for a 10 month old.


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Letting him outside means that he goes outside and you aren't with him? Is that what you mean?

Can you keep him on a leash outside, say 'go pee' and wait like a statue. Wait 5 min and if nothing happens, bring him in and put him in a kennel for 1/2 hour. Try again outside on a leash. When he does pee, say good boy and unclip the leash and throw a ball. Or have a very tasty yummy treat ready in your pocket. You can speed this up by giving him extra water with something yummy in it so he drinks it up. Then he will have to pee and your treats and training will be more frequent. Good luck! I have a 9 month old girl and we are moving indoors to the newspapers. It's been a challenge. lol