4 1/2 mo. Challenging us! Pooping and peeing all over the place

Hi all!

Henry is a very smart little guy, but he is not cooperating when going to the bathroom.

He spends all day in a deck in the patio with our other 7yo Dixie.

The deck leads to the back yard. He goes in the yard when we are watching, but then he goes in the deck when we are not there.

We've tried putting soiled newspapers in the back yard but he just waits for us to go out of the house and then he soils the deck again.

Any advice? He's driving my wife crazy!

Thanks in advance



It sounds to me as if you expect Henry to train himself. You need to put in a lot of time and effort to train a dachshund puppy where and when to do business. I suggest that you take him to a designated potty place and stand there encouraging him until he performs. Then you praise him to the skies, and maybe reward him with a small treat or piece of kibble. This is not a one time thing either. You do this for weeks or months until Henry is reliable doing his business where you choose for him to go. Would you expect an 18 month old human to use bathroom facilities without a lot of encouragement and help? Puppies need the same care, encouragement, and praise that a human child needs to grasp this skill.


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Potty Problems

I'm having a similar problem with Cooper. He refuses to use his grass potty pad, but will mark a Mt.Dew box, or the middle of my kitchen floor (even with me standing at the stove cooking!). Cooper is now 10, almost 11 months old. I'm so frustrated with this potty situation, mainly because my hubby makes it worse. On the rare occasion Cooper actually goes potty where he is suppose to go, he is showered with verbal praise and treats. I'm not really sure what else to do, but my husband is getting to the point that he's telling me if I don't get Cooper trained soon I have to get rid of him. I'm praying like crazy I get Cooper under control because he really is my little cuddle buddy!


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Have you disciplined him when he's had an accident? Maybe that's why he won't go when you're around. I agree with Casey with one caveat: Try to catch the pup doing his thing and praise him and tell him to "get busy" ... every time ... even when he's 10 years old. This is great for someone on a tight schedule. You can pretty much get the pup to go on command. A while back my vet needed a urine sample. I said, "No problem." We went outside, I told Belle to get busy, she squatted, I slid the tray under her butt, the vet had her sample. Simple as that.