What color is Rosie?


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Ok lets fix this...

If she is an ee red...

A could be anything, she is BB or Bb, DD or Dd, ee, gg, H could be anything, I isn't known how it works, k^br k^br or k^br k or kk (K doesn't exist in dachshunds), MM or Mm or mm (no way to tell), SS, T could be anything.

If she is clear sable

She has at least one A^y, is BB or Bb, DD or Dd, has at least one E, is gg, h could be anything, I no idea, is for sure kk, is Mm (assuming those patches on her ears are merle), is SS, and T could be anything.

Clear as mud! Lol


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Gosh dachshund genetics is like one huge puzzle! Lol but it fun finding all the pieces Thank you for all you help!


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Dachshunds can be sooooo many colours! I have double dapples. Merle genetics is what got me hooked on colour genetics ;)