We are expecting puppies in April 19-24

Hunter's Parade

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They are so funny!Biting each other,growling and barking.Yesterday I clipped their nails,female #4 wasn't really happy about that and I got a growl.I don't know if she knows,but usually dogs who growls at someone, has teeth:D
By the way,about teeth.I'm surprised,but I can see so may of them in their upper jaw!Their not out yet,but I can see them.I can't believe that there will be teeth in those little mouths!

Hunter's Parade

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We are 3 weeks old today
4th girl Arete

3rd girl Angelia

2nd girl Alectrona

5th gilr Aphrodite

1st girl Athena

2nd boy Anteros

1st boy Apollo

And some suckling-biting pictures