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So, my boyfriend and I are 'Big dog' people, and mutt/rescue people. We had 3 dogs, my now 10 year old 90 pound choclolate lab/border collie mix, my 120 pound dobie rottie mix, and a 90 pound 3 y/o boxer/plott hound mix. We had a yard sale. We were closing up and getting ready to go to the beach when a family pulled up and bought a coffee table. I was helping load it in when a cute face popped out. I said 'what a cute weiner dog!'. To which the husband said 'do you want him? Were on our way to the pound now, we cant keep him'. We asked to see how our dogs took to him, It was kizmet. He was 6 pounds, severely underweight, and missing fur on his tail, with a crook in his tail that looked like it was broken. Its been almost 2 years since weve had this mini dachshund that we name Cooper. We finally have him up to 11 pounds, after medication for kidney/liver issues. He has Dachshund pattern baldness on his tail, and his tail still has a little notch from a break. Despite feeding him almost twice his needed food he still looks kinda scrawny, but is much better! However, my lord this dog is stubborn! No one trained him anything ( we think he was about 1 when we got him, almost 3 now) and that he had some level of abuse. I tried teaching him 'sit' the first week. He was so food/treat aggressive that when I pushed his butt down to show him how to 'sit' he turned around and latched on to my hand! 2 years later he knows 'sit' 'lay down' 'bang' and 'stay' (most of the time). For the last month we have tried the 'Cesar' way with food aggression, getting him to relax and submit before eating. After about 1-3 hours (depending on the day) he will stop whining and relax ( a little) but he never fully submits. For the last 2 weeks I have taken him on 15-30 block bike rides where he is at full speed, and he still isnt relaxed afterwards at dinner time. I guess my question is- are all dachshunds so stubborn? This dog is so serious that he will only open his mouth and let his tongue hang out and look happy after a 20 block ride. I think he is extremely high energy , but after 30 blocks, Im pooped! Also, I cant train him to 'beg' or 'sit pretty'. He hates sitting up? Any pointers?


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Bless you for rescuing him first and foremost! Good for you!! My next thought would be to step away from the "ceasar way"....thats a good start. How happy can he be if your goal is for him to "submit"? They need to WANT to work with you. For it to be fun! Yes they are stubborn, independent, willful, and wonderful because of it lol. As far as i know "sitting pretty" is NOT good for their backs...it may hurt him to do so. Ditch Cesar and go from there!

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So glad you have this little guy, he sounds like a real character. The thing about dachshunds is they really aren't like other dogs, they can be mega clever, they do really like to please but only if they want too lol!

Because they are so clever they really need mental exercise as well as physical, they love to hunt, dig, burrow and be bossy!

If you can tune into their psyche they are sooo quick to learn, food is often the key. For e,g for a dachshund to play fetch they have to want to bring the item back otherwise they will have the "you threw it, you get it" attitude. Remember at the end of the day these guys are hunters and can go for miles so you need to make it challenging as well as exhausting lol!

Good luck.


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from my limited experience, I would ditto what these guys have said. Especially on the mental exercise part. There are loads of toys and contraptions that can help keep the little characters brain a little busy throughout the day, and training classes may be a good thing too, since they combine the mental and the physical....


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Thank you for taking him in, especially when you prefer bigger breeds and already have 3! That was very generous of you. I have 3 (mind you, 3 dachshunds!) and I don't know what would have to happen to convince me a 4th would be a good idea. lol

One thing he might like is to hunt for a toy. I put my 3 behind a door, hide their ball, and open the door and they fly around hunting for it. Repeat repeat repeat. They stay inside all winter so this really gives them physical and mental exercise and poops them out.

Releasing the hounds to find the ball, 13 seconds..

They love to chase a beach ball...

Anyway, these are less tiresome for you. lol

Hope there's photos of your gang coming soon.