Wiener Dog Song

Original song that celebrates the enigmatic, beloved dachshund, featuring video footage and adorable photos of wiener dogs in various poses. Song written and performed by Yet Another String Band.



I love it!

Tikva has many of the typical traits of a Dachshund even though even being half Doxie/Minpin, but having put up with her "No I am listening" and " No I do not understand" [like Hades she does not, she has the typical Doxie stubbornness ] - at she has finally decided that what I request of her is not so bad after all.

She is now coming up to 19 months old and although still acts like a loony puppy, has learned, all by herself, that "what do you want" means that she either leaps onto the couch at the nearest end to the doorway, which means she wants her morning chew once she is up but before her breakfast. This is after she has been out for a p&p and read all her dog sniff mail. Once she sees the chew she sits and does her "please mommy" with her right front leg held up and across her chest.

Lexi, my little one, did it instinctively, and epi dog, when she came home, not epi at the time, , copied Lexi. Tikva has had no-one to copy and it is not something I would normally try to teach. Especially with a loony half Doxie. But she now does it automatically without me saying anything, just if I have something in my hand, and I have no idea why.

Yesterday evening, a wee bit early for her evening meal she came up to my chair, and sat with her right front leg in the "please mommy" position. Bless her.

She has also learned that when I get ready to go out she will hop up on the couch and wait for me to go out and partially close the door - with the two tiny treats and two tiny biscuits [and I do mean tiny] waiting on the inside doormat. And she will not touch them until I am outside and the door closed and locked.

Not growing bigger, not growing fatter, still very slim but with such rock-solid muscles and bones, and still a lunatic little puppy when she wants to be, playing with me, playing with her toys, and she is happy. And after all, is that not the most important thing?

And I do love her so much.