Vertigo + IVDD

Sméagol’s Mom

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I have a long haired dachshund that just turned 14 in January. He has not had full use of his back legs for almost 4 years. In January he completely stopped using them all together. It didn’t stop him from running and playing and leading his normal life. In February, he was diagnosed with an ear infection that lead to vertigo. We are going on week 3 with this diagnosis. He has also started some new meds for pain and nerves. He has good days, and bad days. Some days he’s eating like a pig, under foot, following me everywhere. Other days he won’t leave his bed. He refuses to eat. He’ll only drink water. He cries in pain if I try and pick him up. I can’t give him his pain pill unless he has eaten. Has anyone else had any experiences like this before? I’ve never had a doxie with either one of these problems. We have dealt with the IVDD like pros. But this vertigo pulls on the heart strings a lot harder!