Teaching an old dog new tricks


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Hello. I have a 9 year old dachshund. I got him about a year ago and he wasn't completely trained. He doesn't have accidents inside anymore and now, i would like to try and teach him how to sit on command and was wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks. I have attempted to teach him how to but it seems like a lost cause!


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Hi and welcome! I'm in Manitoba!
I don't have any tips really, just wanted to say Hello. And that we LOVE photos!
We adopted our 3 as adults as well. Tell us more about your fella. Did you have dachshunds before?


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Hello. Well, he is the cutest (of course), he loves to always be near me, he is very timid but hes a sweetheart and everyone who meets him, falls in love. And he loves to give kisses! He is my first dachshund. Im going to go and formally introduce us in the new member introduction!


Well done for getting him clean its often very hard with an older dog.

As for the "sit" treats are the thing! Dachshunds can't resist them lol!

Start by kneeling in front of him not standing. Kneeling on the floor when teaching a new trick is less intimidating and helps to gain the dogs confidence. Hold the treat above his nose so he has to look up for it (this will encourage him to drop his back end). Give the command "sit" . Don't move the hand with the treat in or he will move, then very gently place your other hand (the one without the treat) on his back (over his bum / tail not in the middle of his back). Very gently apply some mild pressure to help him into the sit position and at the same time raise the treat hand a little higher (head up - bum down) As soon as he has lowered his bum to the floor give him the treat immediately. Practice 3 to 4 times a day always in the kneeling position to start with.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.


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He will pick up basic words really fast. Porkchop figured out "No" in no time at all. If he gets that treat with "Sit" he will be doing what you want him to do in no time.


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I wouldn't use physical manipulation to teach him to sit, just the lure. I also wouldn't say sit until he's already doing it reliably. You don't want to teach him to ignore the command. Hold the treat in front of his nose, then slowly lift it up and back towards his tail, but very slowly, and only a few inches. Add in the cue once he is sitting really quick as soon as you old the treat in front of his nose.