Linguines Dad

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Hi everyone! Hoping to connect with someone who might have some experience with struvite in puppy Doxie urine. Our little man is just under two years old and for the last six months we have been feeding him a raw food diet prior to that we acquired him when he was four months old from a reputable breeder, at that time we were feeding him the diet she had recommended which was a dry kibble oatmeal chicken brand made here in Canada. I take him annually for bloodwork and urinalysis just to stay on top of things as we do for ourselves and with our annual physical. It was identified that his struvite count in his urine was high (3). I asked the vet how is this possible he’s had only two types of diets and he’s only a year and 3/4 of age. He has now been prescribed a hills science diet prescription diet to assist with the pH levels in his urine. I am surprised that a dog so young could develop an issue like this and I am being told by the vet that he will need to maintain this prescription diet for the duration of his life. My girlfriend and I prefer the raw food diet for our little guy and prefer to stay away from the big box brand mass produced kibbles which contain a lot of fillers and other garbage. Has anyone else experienced this sort of issue with their pup? If so what did you do and are you aware of any way to correct it with natural methods versus prescription diet?

Cashs Mom

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Hi Liguine! I too prefer a raw diet for my dogs. I remember having one dog with crystals in his urine but I can't remember the solution. I would be very hesitant to feed Hill's food with him forever. My vet is pro raw feeding and has said that Hill's has very little nutrition. I would look for a vet who is pro raw feeding. Many vets really don't understand nutrition, just as many doctors don't. I didn't realize this until I had a friend who went to vet school. She told me that there were 3 weeks on nutrition taught my a representative of Hill's food. That's it. Nothing more as far as nutrition goes. I wish I could be more help.