Skin concern


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Hi, I’ve booked an app at the vets but if anyone has experience in dachshund skin problems any advise is welcome.
I rescued a 6 year old dachshund a few months ago and he had theses spots of dark hairless skin on him, but now I’ve noticed a few more? B63B2B07-30CD-4C8B-8706-327AE5B3AF62.jpeg8DFC617D-8256-41CF-9D23-39F93ABE4039.jpegCDB55763-1884-4BBA-8B06-E0B9F208B29D.jpeg


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It could be bug bites. I use Frontline Plus to deter mosquitoes and ticks.
My last little girl had wheat allergies and after I switched to a grain free diet, her bald patches and itching eventually went away. I used Taste of the Wild brand dog kibble.


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if it isn't a bit from mosquitos or other insects, it may be dog food that contains corn or soy. These can cause an allergic reaction and contribute to a dachshund's itchy skin. Also, vitamin E is good for a dog's skin and some dog food can contain vitamin E