Short haired wire hair?

15017555552921512128515.jpg IMG-20170803-WA0005.jpg IMG-20170803-WA0002.jpg IMG-20170803-WA0001.jpg IMG-20170715-WA0002.jpg I have a 6 month old standard dachshund. When buying him, we (and the breeder) were certain he was a smooth haired dog, however, recently his hair started growing out more. The breeder turns out to own a puppymill type situation since we have seen her advertising several different types of puppies over the past few month IMG-20170715-WA0002.jpg IMG-20170803-WA0001.jpg s. Of course, we were not aware of this activity when buying our dog since she only sold dachshunds at the time and we visited the 'breeder' at her house where the mother dog (wire hair) was also present. The reason for explaining this is because i doubt she could give me more info regarding our puppy. In the meantime i have read online that there are wire haired dachshunds who just have shorter hair? Basically I am curious to find out what kind of dachshund mine is. Another side note is that he has a white spot on his chest and between his toes on one paw. Could he be a mix of some sort? I have added some pictures for reference. Thank you in advance!
The long haired and wire haired dachshunds were developed over many generations by crossing the original short haired dachshund with other breeds. It is not uncommon for a wire haired litters to have a pup that reverts back to the original short hair. Many years ago, when stationed in Germany, I was given a mini dachshund pup from a wire haired litter, both mother and father were wire haired dachshunds. My dog's coat was a tad heavier that a short haired dachshund has, but without petting her, or if you weren't very familiar with short haired dachshunds, you would never know the difference.