Separation anxiety


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Hello. I have had my miniature dachshund for 10 months now and he has just turned 1. He is absolutely no bother when we’re with him but when we’re not, his separation anxiety is REALLY BAD. We have him in a crate (if we don’t he chews the doors) we’ve done toys, smothering them with peanut butter, putting biscuits in, the smelly plug in thing, music, covering the crate with a blanket. I’m moving into my new house and I’m very anxious about my new neighbours.


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Hi - I had a mini with the same problem several years ago. You may want to try a thunder shirt (makes them feel like they are being hugged), or putting a soft water bottle filled with warm water in the doggie bed (second best thing to a warm body). I would always leave classical music on low volume when I had to leave. That all helps, but really, he probably needs a companion dog which is what I eventually did, so I ended up with two minis who got along very well together. Ultimately, dogs are pack animals and 1 is not a pack. Good luck


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Hi I’m new here!
I also have a pup who has separation anxiety-I can’t leave her! And now we are all on lockdown coz of Clovid-19 it’s not gonna help!!!