Question Sable?


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Hello all, this is my first post.
I have a dachshund, Mia, who I believe may be a cream sable, but am not too sure due to not enough info/conflicting descriptions at different sources. Some say they can be longhair, others not, ect.
The part that's confusing me is when I looked at her individual hairs. Each hair has a dark tip, cream middle, dark base. On one source that had a sable description for GSD's that stated that sables hairs are generally light to dark, but can rarely be dark-light-dark. So my question is, would she be considered a sable?
Thank you so much for your time.


Cashs Mom

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It's my understanding that "sable" in dachshunds is a long haired red with black tips on each hair. I've never seen a black/tan/cream dachshund termed sable.

Keep in mind that for each breed, terminology for colors differs. What is termed sable in a GSD doesn't have any relationship to sable in a dachshund.