Registering Puppies


Hi every one, I was just wondering if you could help me with some research I am doing.

The KC in the UK are currently allowing the multiple registration of pedigree puppies from the same bitch in less than twelve months (at every season). The maximum registrations they will allow is four litters but all four could be registered within two years.

Please can you tell me if your KC restrict the number of litters registered from the same bitch in a twelve month period?

Personally I think it is extremely unethical to allow a registered "breeder" to let a bitch have a litter at each consecutive season, what are your thoughts?
Wow,if someone from UK will ever want to get a female from me,they won't be getting it because of this.
That is just awful,unhumane and unhealthy.I would never buy a pup from someone who breeds their female in every heat for two years.Pregnancy and nursing isn't a walk on the beach,they need to rest, have their own life.How can Kennel Club let that?In Latvia it's illegal to have more than one litter in year from one female.
There are some studies that say it is healthy to breed a dog every heat then at 5 years old get them spayed. I for one don't do it my female Raaven goes into heat every 3-4 months and plus it takes a toll on a dog's body.
It's allowed to have only one litter per year in Ireland and I think it's the right thing. Mum had to get rest after pupa are gone, she needs to get back in shape. At least if breeder don't think about beach, then I don't think it's good for pups to be as well, if breeder wants a beautiful and healthy litter
Some studies says that their womb atrophy,get sift,their tits look terrible,they are stretched,and ugly,the bitch it self is exhausted.It's called puppy machine. And every breeder who does that in my eyes are sadists and should not be allowed to keep any animal.
This isn't a dachshund,but this is a female who was bred in every heat.Looks pretty,healthy?I don't think so,it's a puppy machine!
Here (Canada) there are no limits. A person could breed a bitch every heat until she's dead. The US is the same.

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Here (Canada) there are no limits. A person could breed a bitch every heat until she's dead. The US is the same.

Now I do understand why people in US have problems finding a good breeder,In Latvia it's easy-if breeder works in FCI system you probably can trust him