Pup waits to potty inside?


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I know Doxies are notorious for difficult housebreaking, but how could you not love those little faces!
Anyways, I've had my little guy for about 6 months now (he's about 10 months old) and for the past 2 months he just decided that he no longer wanted to potty outside. Before this all started he was happily going outside and knows the command "potty". He is crate trained and his feeding schedule is strictly regulated. He is brought out to potty every time he gets excited, eats, wakes up and spends no longer than 3 hours at a time in the crate. He gets extremely long walks twice a day and I spend most of the day playing with him. Nothing in his schedule has changed so I am completely clueless as to why he waits to come inside. When he wakes me up I take him out and I had to put a chair outside to wait with him until he goes. He will whine by the door (outside with me) for 45mins - 1hr before he decides to go. I figured this out because when it first started happening I would let him out of the crate and he would follow me to the door but one day he just found a spot on the carpet and went. So now I have to carry him outside or he'll do this. Vet says he's perfectly healthy. I'm just about frustrated because once I start working again ( I haven't worked since I got him) I can't be waiting an hour for him to potty. If I don't wait and let him in he doesn't even sniff around for a spot he just goes potty as soon as he enters.
I've raised pups before and have never encountered this issue. Has anyone else?

P.S. We only use positive reinforcement/alpha behaviors in this household. So anyone who wants to punish him please keep your comments to yourself.


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Watson did the same thing, but only with his poops. He stopped eventually. We would just say "no", but if you're doing strictly positive reinforcement, just praise him a whole lot any time he potties even a little outside.


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We only use negative (just a stern no) if we catch Lily in the act otherwise its useless. We have had a tough time housebreaking her too. We noticed that she has accidents when she is allowed to sneak away so we close all the doors and block off the stairs and take her out on a consistent schedule. We've been accident free for a few weeks now.


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We don't allow Augie to even walk in the morning, we carry him outside and he does his business. He is doing great, no accidents in weeks. He even sits at the back door and we take him right out, he gets rewarded by ball throwing in the yard. Try it!!!!!


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Thank you all for replying back... I'm sorry I didn't mean "no" as a real punishment, I just meant those jerks on forums who tell you hit puppies. I will definitely stick it out, its just nice to know that others went through the same thing and it will pass! :)


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Mine's at the 10 months mark in a few weeks too and I'm still having some potty issues with her. I know it's typical of the breed but it is a bit frustrating.

My problem is when I look away for a few minutes she goes potty in the corner. She knows its bad because as soon as she sees me see it she's ashamed. She knows the command go potty and everything!

Glad to hear even though I feel like I'm doing all the "right things" it's still common.