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As Nicky is sharing her pregnancy story, I thought I would also share my poor Connie's recent pseudo pregnancy. She had her first season exactly nine weeks ago and her mammary glands started to swell approx. three weeks ago. She has shown all the outward signs of pregnancy, but believe me she is NOT, she was watched like a hawk!!

Last week her teats suddenly got huge and were showing possible signs of mastitis (see pics) pretty impressive huh! poor baby thinks she should be feeding the five thousand :(

Upshot is after a visit to the vet she is now on antibiotics (for the mastitis) and Galastop to reduce the milk.

Feeling so sorry for her, it has been very stressful!!:(



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Your poor baby girl. I hope her treatment will put a speedy end to this.

38 years ago, when my first child, a daughter, was born, our female dachshund, age 3 at the time, began a false pregnancy within days after I brought our human daughter home from the hospital. At first she wouldn't let anyone but me, not even my husband, get between her and the baby. She would growl and make that nasty lip curling, wolf like face with the teeth showing. Next she developed milk. My husband took her to the vet where she got a shot to dry her up. The vet wondered if either my human baby or I were sending out phernomes (not sure how to spell that) that caused our dachshund to react that way. After my dachshund was back to normal physically, her personality reverted to her former sweet self.


Just a quick update, went back to the vet yesterday for some pain killers for Connie and the vet is now worried that as well as the pseudo pregnancy and the mastitis she may have Inflammatory mammary cancer! I am soooo worried!!! Vet said to continue the treatment for mastitis and go back Friday but I am thinking to go back again tomorrow as there has been no improvement with the antibiotics and these should have kicked in by now.

I cannot believe:
a. how quickly this all came about and b. that we could be so unlucky!

If it is the cancer then it is a relatively rare form and one of the most aggressive cancers known to dogs. A case in a dog just over a year is virtually unknown! The average age for this very rare cancer is 10.5 years.

I feel totally devastated, part of me keeps saying this is impossible but the other part is inclined to think she could be right.:(


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I am so sorry for what you and Connie are going through :( I pray for both your sakes that the doctor is wrong, and that her body is just being stubborn, that the medicine will kick in, and she can continue her love affair with food for many years to come.

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Feeling a bit better today as the antibiotics seem to have at last kicked in and the swelling is staring to go down. She also seems a bit brighter in herself but worryingly has developed a cough. Another visit to the vets today and they have extended the antibiotics. Poor thing I feel so sorry for her, have decided to give it a couple more days and then if she isn't a lot better I am going to take her to our nearest Vetinary College for a second opinion.

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I hope you and Connie are feeling better and better, and I am so sorry that you both are having to go through all this worry and stress.

We're sending you big hugs and lots of well wishes from Seattle!


Pleased to say Connie is much better. In the end I did take her to another vet for a second opinion and he too said he had never seen such a bad phantom pregnancy. I cant believe how quickly this got so bad but the good thing is that now the antibiotics have kicked in the swelling seems to be going down as fast as it came up!

This has been such a nightmare, you know how much you love them but the thought of loosing them is just the worst nightmare. Both of us are looking forward to catching up on a lot of missed sleep!

Thank you all for your support, it means a lot.