People feeding scraps


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Hi everyone,
I have a mini, Wayne, that is a 10 yr old black & tan who weighs just about 12lbs. He's had terrible skin and stomach issues that took us years to get under control and we've finally hit a sweet spot with his health and food regimen.
Our trouble is when friends and family come over, certain people insist that he is underweight and decide to take it upon themselves to give him their table scraps to help him "put on a few pounds". He's already skating the line of his weight class and I'm terrified of the back issues that could happen at his age if he did gain.
I've tried explaining this to them, but it doesn't seem to sink in. I've also tried to keep Wayne indoors or out of sight when they visit, but he goes nuts when he knows there are visitors (he likes to be part of the action).
Has anyone else run into this situation or have any advice on how to discourage people from scrap feeding my doxy?


I think you need to use your "outdoor voice" if they argue with you about this issue. I would explain ONCE, nicely, that dachshunds are prone to back issues, and one of the things that can create back problems is becoming overweight. I would tell them that his current weight is ideal, that he has to be monitored due to possible allergies to certain foods which create skin issues, and that you are his owner, mother, and keeper of his health and will not tolerate any deviation from his successful current food intake. You must insist that he not be fed anything. If they persist, I believe I would ask them to leave. Your home is Wayne's home, he is part of your family and as such you set the limits on what he can and can't eat. At this point I am sure I would be using my outdoor voice. No one has the right to come into your home and jeopardize the health and welfare of any of your family members, including Wayne. I would firmly say NO and if they continue, tell them it was nice to see them, perhaps the next time you could meet for coffee elsewhere as you do not want to endanger your dog's health. You might ask how they feel about feeding a one pound chocolate bar to a nine month old human and ask them to google Dodger's List and read about overweight in dachshunds. See item #3 here