New to the forum and to Dachshund land

We have always had rescue dogs, the most we have had at one time is 2 dogs and a ferret :)

As the pets have aged and passed away, we were down to one dog. We lost her in the fall.

It took some time for the heartbreak to heal to the point where we were open to thinking about another pet. I let a friend who is in the rescue world know that my heart was maybe ready - a week later she called me with what she called "the perfect dog". A little 7 year old female Dachshund. This little girl has been well loved and well cared for, her "owner" became too frail to care for the dog anymore.

Now, I have had Shiba Inus, so, I know stubborn, strong willed dogs, then I met this little lady. She knows what she wants and when she wants it!

Hope to learn more about the breed here :)