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Hi! I’m new to breeding dachsunds and I am doing a lot of research and studying the breed . I would like to specialize in creams and dapples.
I have been looking for a stud and I think I found him ! He is a cute chocolate and cream dapple, he is the sweetest . I want to know if I can breed him with a cream? Or a chocolate and cream. I know dapples can’t be bred but is there any other pattern or color I should be aware of?
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I think that first you need to have a knowledgeable dachshund person look at him for excellent conformation because the goal should be to meet or exceed the standard. Teach him to stack and get good photos in natural light. Have him DNA tested for known diseases of dachshunds and for the hidden dapple. Next make sure that you are not breeding dilute to dilute to avoid thin, sparse or even large bald areas. Dilutes often carry for alopecia. Join Dachshund Breeders on Facebook and other dachshund breeding groups. Have enough money set aside in case a C section is necessary. Don't breed for color or pattern. A good breeder improves meets or exceeds conformation standards, health, and temperament.