New puppy, confused with the size.

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Hello there,
Last week I became an owner of the little sausage dog called Fido. I'm a bit concerned about his size. Now he is 9w4days old and he weight 2.375kg.
Does anyone know if he will be a miniature or standard one?


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Cute. It all depends on feeding and lifestyle. Mine was a similar weight 7 pounds at 4 months old. He's almost 2 now and is 18.7 pounds or 8.5kg. and I consider him in just under a standard in size. Good food, lots of activity and he will be the best he can be, don't be afraid of overfeeding a pup, give much as he will eat for 6 months, then slowly reduce as he gets full grown to avoid overweight. I love my big healthy boy. Have fun.