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I've just joined. I'm not new to dachshunds.
We had our first Bruno, 14 years ago. Sadly lost him far too young 6 six years ago.
My husband wanted what he thought was a "bullet proof" breed (rarely have health issues) & we got a Whippet puppy Vinny.
No one told me how mad Whippet puppies were!
Thankfully he has settled to a calm and loving dog. He loves other dogs.
I couldn't live without another dachshund in my life, so just over a year ago we welcomed Gloria into our lives.
It's almost as if they are brother & sister. They are so bonded.
Gloria has the sweetest nature.
She was surprisingly easy to house train, no chewing of slippers etc.
Her only fear is the vacuum cleaner. Of that she is truly terrified.

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They're both beautiful! I had a B/T dapple. I just love dapples. They're the prettiest dogs. Looking forward to hearing more about your dog family.