New Brother/Sister combo!


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Hi all!
Been lurking around here and some other Dachshund sites.
This looks like one of the most active forums (and I love forums for learning!).

Possibility of adopting two mini's, brother & sister, about 8 months old.
Lots of questions coming up! :rolleyes:

I've always been a med-large dog guy (lost my Springer to cancer 2 years ago :( ), so these little guys would be a little different situation for me!
We had planned to move to a smaller breed (Mini Aussie or Westie) this spring, but these two little guys are a very special circumstance.

I'll start with training....
They've been raised so far with the parents & another brother. Very little actual training. (I believe they have used a puppy pad in house).
I'm a big crate training fan and will want to get them housebroken asap.
Would two small crates be better for any reason or will one slightley larger (med. size?) crate be ok, where they'd be able to be together as they have been so far?

With two pups the same age is it better to work on training exercises at the same time or better off working them individually?

Training treats - It sounds like hotdogs, string cheese, carrots cut into small pieces seem to be the popular favorites?

Of course food is another major question.
I know some dog owners go to extremes. But I'm more of a middle of the road type (My vet always seemed to agree with me. very down to earth guy who works with the local farm animals too.)
Just worried that these little guys will be a lot more sensitive than my 70lb Springer! Will want something decent, but easily accessable, and a good value. I guess I'll have to see what they're eating now and start from there.

I'm just trying to do some research ahead of time in case this all works out.
Hoping that I don't regret this :eek:, but it's something we won't pass up if it is what the owner wants to do.
Thanks for any suggestion/tips/info that you can provide!


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Hi and Welcome!
First of all, I am dieing to see some pics of the sweeties! Don't be shy now, we love puppies.

This breed really loves to cuddle. If you are on the couch they will be there and a blanket would be nice too, thank you. lol For training, it's better to work one on one. I really like the classes they have for show dogs to learn how to show. They learn to walk on a leash nicely beside you, ignore all the big dogs, stand nice on a table and let a stranger handle them. All those things you'll really appreciate as they get older. The 'look at me' command will really be very handy over the years. Please give those classes a consideration.

We have a dachshund club in our city and during the winter we have indoor meet ups and summer we go on weener walks. Look around and see if there's something near you.

Exercise. Living in Canada with cold winters, we play 'hide the ball' every day for a 1/2 hour. Put them behind a door, hide the ball, release the hounds. Repeat repeat repeat. lol It exercises their minds too and makes a nice quiet puppy. lol My doxies have all been ball crazy and that's really been great to poop them out and manage their weight.

Please keep them from jumping off couches. It's smart to put a stool at least for them to use. Doxies are prone to back injuries and can become paralyzed in the back end. This is why crate training is very important, that they can rest quietly in a crate for when they have an injury. Many doxies do have a 100% recovery but 8 weeks crate rest is essential. Crate rest training is smart and proactive.

Here's my guy finding the ball under the stool with a blanket making a hiding place. Lots of fun for them and no requirement for me to go outside. lol Good luck!



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Thanks for the info Penny!
Pics will be coming soon.
From what I've read so far it looks like jumping is a big no-no for these guys.
They appear to be a very smart breed (although I see stubborn mentioned often :rolleyes:).
Hoping they'll be as fun to train as my last Springer. He was so smart & learned everything very quickly (another stubborn breed!)


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It turns out that we'll just be taking the little boy.
The little girl is now with her brother that my nephew already had.
(Kind of relieved to not be trying to train two at once.)
The mom & dad will be staying with my brother-in-law.
So they'll all have frequent reunions! :D

Little guy Sonny will be coming home with us tomorrow evening!



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What a beautiful red smooth boy!! Very handsome! Congratulations on the up coming adventures! Can't wait to hear about them. lol

Do you have some photos of the parents? Is one of them a piebald? I'm wondering because the pups have a hint of white on their mouths.


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Do you have some photos of the parents? Is one of them a piebald? I'm wondering because the pups have a hint of white on their mouths.
Dad on the left & Mom on the right.
Pups are just the opposite, the little girl with longer hair like the Dad & Sonny with smooth hair like the Mom.


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Well thanks for the photo!

You should organize your own weener walks! We have a group in my city that have a facebook page and when someone wants to meet at a park they post a place and time, and people show up with their doxies. There might be something similar where you are, but you do have your own little group all ready!

Taking them out and about and practicing being calm around other dogs, kids, bikes etc is a great idea.

Love that velvety puppy coat. :eek:)