Neuter/Spay Coat

Hi everyone!! Jeez it's been forever since I've been on. Life got real busy once I got my first real "big girl" full-time job!

I have a question though! :) After doing some reading online I discovered that Watson's coat (see below) is what's known as a spay/neuter coat from having him fixed before his coat reached maturity. I'd really like to get him back to sleek and shiny like he used to be, before he got fluffy. I've read about using a "stripping knife" to help pull out all the dry dead fluff, but I don't really know much about it.

Has anyone groomed their dog with one, or had it done at a groomers?


His fur now - you can kind of see how fluffy it is on his sides and legs. It also makes him look like he's fatter than he is.

What he used to look like - sleek and shiny! But you can see even here where his front legs were starting to fluff out. (Although his fur has also gotten longer since then.)
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I haven't used a stripping knife, but are you sure that isn't just his winter coat?

They all get a thicker / woollier coat in the winter that will naturally shed in the spring.

Oooh and congratulations re the job!!
At first that's what I thought it was, but we're getting up to 90 degrees now and it's still not shedding. I mean he sheds some, but not like he's blowing coat.

Also, thank you!
Is he otherwise well in himself? been wormed recently? I'm only asking as their health can really affect their coats. Might just be worth getting him checked out as he should be shedding his coat with the temp rising.

90 degrees, ooohh I am so jealous!! lol!
He's been totally normal. Hasn't been wormed recently, but I haven't seen anything in his poo.

But after reading more about spay/neuter coat (and seeing other people's pictures) I'm pretty sure that's what it is. Just not sure how to groom it.
My Red long haired Dachshund had a spay coat all her life i also had Bouvier's had striping knives for them I would comb Patches hair did not help, so in the summer would shave her down leaving tail and ears long. She was much happier in summer very hot in Oklahoma. Anyone with a long haired dachshund or any dog with long hair if you ever get mats you can get Cowboy Magic its a gel comes in a tube love it for mats. Used it on the Bouvier beards works great. You can find it at Cowboy a little work's great lasts a long time you can use it on your hair kids hair, I even use it on my mother's hair at the Nursing home.