My best books for dogtraining


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I always want to learn more about dog training. These are the best books Ive red so far.

Turid Ruugas - On speaking terms with dogs; Calming signals
Gabriele Metz - Body talk
Per Jensen - The Ethology of Domestic Animals
Per Jensen - Behavioural Biology of Dogs
Per Jensen - Hur smart är din hund and Hunden som skäms

Hempfling - Dancing with Horses (Ok its not a book about dogs but you can still learn a lot about bodylanguage :) )

Pleace give me your best books :)


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hiya. thanks for sharing those books, I have read the fourth one by Per Jensen but yet to read the others.

What did you think about the first one by Turid Ruugas? Worth a read?

TBH, I tend to use online resources most of the time than reading books, I find that it's easier to find the information you need than having to read through lots of pages!

Here are some websites that have lots of guides/helpful content on how to get started training your dog:

if you know of any other good resources let me know, I'm keen to hear.

Also, we've recently bought a new miniature dachshund called Pepper! see my profile picture.

Oma Carol

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Cesar Millan is an excellent choice for many problems and guides for training your pup. He saves the lives of animals that have gone beyond help. His programs are available on U TUBE.
(Although I wish he had titled his book, "Happy Guide to a Short Dog", a little Dachshund humor))