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I have a two week old (as of tomorrow) dachshund puppy that has only gained an ounce since birth. She was delivered c-section and weighed in at 5.3 and at one point I was able to get her up to 6.8 and for the past week she has been holding at 6.0 sometimes a bit less. I feed her ever hour only once during the night. She is sucking off of mom as well, but her suck on mom seems to be weak. There were three pups born in the litter one did not make it and the other one that did, is huge he was born a 9.3 so he is up and well on his way. She has been sucking off my pinky I dribble milk on it. I tried a bottle but she drinks so vigorously, she aspirated I rushed her o the vet and she is now on amoicixilian. I have never tube fed, and would be afraid to but if someone could tell me that they think this may put weight on her I will try to find someone that can help me and we will move in that direction. Currently when feeding her (Esbilac) every hour I go thru (4) 3ml syringes, and by the time she is done her tummy is round. I burp her and generally can get some type of burp out of her. I am thinking there is something more going on here, I read about the Portosystemic Shunt (PSS) and wondered if she could have this? Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. Help me keep this little angel alive... Thank you all so much..:confused:


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Years ago we had a beagle puppy that had been rejected by her mommy. I do not remember what kind of formula we fed her, but we used a doll baby bottle and fed her frequently around the clock. We had to use damp, warm paper towels after each feeding to massage the tummy and elimination areas. Apparently this was supposed to be like the mother's tongue cleaning the puppy after eating and would promote or enhance digestion in the baby. I would take that baby back to the vet and find out exactly what he or she suggests you do to help the baby gain weight and strength.


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My Little Girl Has IMPROVED!

I am happy to report my little girl is thriving. I started feeding her with the sponge method and put her back on the Fading Puppy Syndrome Remedy, will never be without it with any future litters. She is up to 8.8 ounces, she gains every day so I am encouraged it just took her time to catch up. When she is old enough I will run a complete panel of blood work on her twice to make sure everything is ok. On the other hand her brother, (considered a singleton) is over weight so I have both ends of the spectrum. So I am keeping mom out of the box, and letting him feed in intervals. I am so glad my little girl made it, I use to breed German Shepherds, and seen many Fading Puppies, I almost lost her twice, but she is here to stay.:)



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Glad you've found what works for her! Congrats on that. Loved the pics you posted.
Don't be shy about posting puppy pics, kay? I would love to see more!