Is it worth breeding our dog?


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It's coming up on that time when we have to decide whether or not to neuter our puppy. And yes the thought has crossed our minds to breed him. And since we don't know anyone active in breeding we decided to turn to the internet

A few facts about our dog. He is male so the attraction is the stud fee. We do not nor do we plan to own a female for breeding. He is a dapple which I think is fairly unique. A lot of people have commented on his coloring and how they've never seen it on a Dachshund with that coloring. He is extremely mild tempered and submissive. We have yet to see any acts of aggression from him. In fact the only time we've only ever seen him assert dominance is with his sister (who is owned by a family friend) during play. He was incredibly easy to train and we had him house trained within a month. I feel it is also valuable to note that we did not own him until he was 3 months old and he was trained while transitioning between several homes within a short period of time as we moved around.

The breeder we purchased him from informed us that be was a purebred, but hadn't gotten around to officially registering him. At the time we didn't think of asking if the parents were papered if the bloodline could be proven. Obviously this would be a huge factor in our decision and we plan to contact the breeder before making any final choices.Under the condition that we can prove he is indeed purebred and register with the AKC, we do not plan to show him or earn any championships.

For you breeders out there, does he sound like a good match for your bitch when he does reach breeding age? We don't plan to breed him more than a few times and are more interested in passing along what we see as high qualities in our puppy to the future owner's of a dogs pups.

We also have a few question for you stud owners. Do you have problems with your studs after you retire them? Such as excessive humping? Any suggestions on how to go about making our dog available to breed? How to do we determine if we are picking a repeatable and responsible breeder?

Thank you all for your thoughts and opinions.
No I would never breed any of my females with him jus because he is merle and is a lovely pet. Yes , he is just a pet , therefor I see no reasons on breeding him. You could only breed him with some back yard breeders bitch and add some more dogs to this dog ower populated world and possibly add to shelters. Reputable breeders doesn't care about the color and they won't breed jus because he has nice character. They are interested in his standard , that means you have to go to shows with him , put some champion titles on him so some breeder notices him. The second thing is health testing and even better if he has a working diploma. As you have nothing of this I wouldn't even be interested in seeing him. He is just a nice pet , but that doesn't make him a breeding dog
I hope I wasn't too rough.
There's really nothing special about being a dapple in regard to color and pattern. Actually dapples are tricky to manage when breeding because they can be paired with the wrong female and have serious health problems with the puppies. Hearing impairment to complete deafness, vision impairment to missing eyes, plus internal things that take forever to figure out at the vet that can't be repaired. This is not to scare you but to tell you the reality. (If you google double dapple dachshund and check out the images, you'll see dachshunds with a lot of white plus the dappling, and the eyes are misshaped. If the eyes do look normal, they can also have iris coloboma)

He has a wonderful mild and submissive personality and is easy to train. Have him neutered before the hormones kick in. You won't be sorry. Better to have him neutered before he starts marking inside your house or the places you take him to visit. He'll be a better pet for you and more sociable.
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Thank you for your honest answer. We had been leaning toward neutering him anyways, just thought we would ask the opinions of those who know much better than us since we are completely clueless in this department. Upon further reflection and more research on dapples in general, I think your right. Breeding is not the right choice for us.
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