I cant tell if my shaded cream is a dapple and other questions.


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I got my shaded cream boy yesterday from a small in home breeder that has not been doing it long and this was her first shaded cream. I can never tell from pictures breeders post if they are dapple or not. Almost all shaded creams look the same to me as puppies. Also his nose is a little shorter than my female's and his ears are longer. I know not all dachshunds look the same but i was wondering if all shaded creams are like that. I think he looks like all the pictures i have seen. He is not registered but i know he is a pure bred dachshund. If you can give me your opinions on my sweet handsome little guy i would really appreciate it. I just cant tell if he's a dapple, he has markings on his face that confuse me.


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Hello - I cannot help you with regard to colour as I am by no means an expert, but to me he does not look like shaded cream. How old is he? only colouring can change from a young puppy as they get older.

You say he is not registered, are his dam and sire registered, and if so, why is he not. Are you sure he is a 100% pure Dachshund? He is very sweet though.
I just got him yesterday. He is 8 weeks. He has lightened up a lot since the day i picked him out. His parents are not registered but i met the parents and they looked like pure breds. She got her dachshunds from her breeder friend and just did not register them. I took some more photos of him in the sun that look better.


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He is absolutely gorgeous but I still could not say what colour he is or will be. There is also something about his face and short nose that does not look right for a pure-bred Doxie.


This is Tikki at three-years-old. She a cross, her mother being a full-bred standard Doxie, her father being a Minpin.

She has smaller ears which normally hang down [she was giving me the stinkeye for some reason, hence her ears being back], a shorter body and longer legs than a pure-bred, but the Dachshund is obvious in her, and she has the temperament and stubborness of a Doxie.

Looking back at the photographs of her at eight-weeks-old [she has been with me since she was barely three-weeks-old and had to be hand-reared], even then she had developed a look more of a Dachshund than she did when I first had her.
Update: i contacted a breeder who only breeds creams, i sent her lots of pictures and she said: he absolutely looks like a young dachshund and that his features will look more like a dachshund as he grows like his nose will get longer...she said she didn't see anything that indicated him being a dapple but i should do a dna test to see if he's a hidden dapple but i should skip the panel that tells breed as it was obvious to her he was a young dachshund. But she said in some pictures he looks like a shaded cream but in others a light shaded red.
I do not care what color he turns out to be, red or cream...as long as he's healthy and happy. I just wanted to know for my own knowledge. He is a very sweet boy. My girl (Poppy) is my baby and she is very spoiled on me. If im not giving her enough attention that pleases her she will whine and softly bark at me. She has a very strong personality and is very opinionated and i love it. She is the best puppy ever. Im sure i will feel the same about Jaxon, i have just had more time to bond with her and we have definitely bonded very strongly....she prefers me over everyone in my house and she whines if i leave the room without her, she always has to be where i am. They both sleep with me every night Poppy being right up against me (i lay on my side) with her head either across my neck or her head right by mine on the pillow and Jaxon sleeps on the other side of me up by my head on the pillow. They are both so sweet. I love both of them to pieces and could not imagine not having them here with me already. Getting them was one of the best decisions i have ever made, and i cant wait to add one more girl to my family from Poppy's parents...i want to get another girl from the same set of parents because i love everything about her, she has beautiful features she has an amazing personality...she is way more than i ever wanted or expected from a puppy, she is just all around amazing. They are my babies for sure!


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