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Hi all, I have a six month old miniature wire haired (pin, lucky me) called Levi, who is an absolute delight! I am an experienced dog owner, and also have a Labrador/Golden called Reuben, who is 12 and a half. Based in freezing Ireland!r and l.jpeg


What a precious little wirehair you have. I had one, many years ago, that we got when my husband was stationed in Germany. I went to classes to learn how to strip and groom him. That was a lot of work to keep him looking just so. He was a wonderful companion and even today, 45 years later, I still miss him. Wirehairs have such a sweet personality. Since then, I have always had a smooth dachshund in residence. Wirehairs are hard to find in the USA. Your baby looks so tiny next to his big sibling!
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