hidden dapple?? Red


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hi, we are relatively new to the doxie world and coat colours are a bit of a minefield.
we have a chocolate dapple and tan bitch
and have just acquired a lovely shaded red dog. hes 11 week.

we would like a litter in the future from these. my understanding of the genes is that dapple is dominant so the dog must be dapple to produce offspring that are dapple, its not a carrying gene? ie a solid black and tan dog wouldnt produce a dapple unless bred with a dapple even if one of its parents were dapple - hope thats correct so far.
however ive also read that reds and creams in particular can hide dapple? what exactly is a hidden dapple?

my red boy had a dapple father and red mother, both pups were just red/shaded red.

could he be hiding dapple? or would he have had to shown even just a spot from birth? i have lots of pictures and videos of him and he hasnt, should I get a DNA test to find out for sure? and lastly if yes where can I get a reputable test?

many thanks! :)
Hi Northdox and welcome! You should never breed a dapple to another dapple because you may or probably will get double dapples. Double dapples often are deaf, or blind or both, may have tiny little eyes or no eyes at all. If you plan to breed your puppy in the future, you absolutely must do DNA testing to rule out hidden dapple on your little boy.

My Annie is a hidden dapple and there is no indication on her coat that she carries the dapple gene. She came to live with me when she was almost 4yo as she came from a Breeder of Merit who retires her females after two or three litters. I sent my credit card numbers to her veterinarian to have Annie spayed before purchase because it was part of the Breeder's agreement when rehoming retired dogs to have all retired dogs from her lines spayed or neutered. I had the breeder's vet do the operation before Annie came to live with me because it was $400.00 cheaper in FL than in NH where I live. Since I had no interest in breeding her,it was a win-win situation. At the agreed upon exchange date, I was given a copy of her AKC registration and her DNA panel, as well as a health certificated and other pertinent papers. Her DNA panel indicates that she carries for dapple, even though it does not show on her coat.
Hi, Casey yes I did further reading and found a test from Laboklin who test for the Merle/dapple gene
So we will be getting that done for sure
Check out the Facebook group "Learning Dachshund Colors, Patterns, and Coats." They can recommend DNA testing labs and will help you interpret the results when you receive your dog's DNA panel back. Some of the members are experts on dachshund genetics in this group.