Hi new to forum

Hi I'm owned by a 11 year old male Doberman and a Piebald Miniature Dachshund Queenie she betrayed me is now my husband dog she is 8 months old we did have a 10 year old long haired tweenie Dachshund had to put her to sleep last September. She had nose cancer she was my little girl she saved my life about 3 different times I'm diabetic she woke me up 3 different times blood sugars were 34 so I'm really missing her.Patches she was the red long haired Dachshund would go to the Nursing Home to see my mother now Queenie has taken over this duty she is a big hit.Guess I'm crazy but still missing my bed partner Patches since Queenie now sleeps with my hubby. Looking for another miniature long haired dachshund as long as they are not red and do not cost $3,000.00. Gee senior citizens do not have that kind of monies was reading they give life time grantees do not believe that.
I started showing Collies years ago, had a really good one she got stolen day after a dog show,mutt Dusty still at home,then had a Collie in obedience, GSD, American Staffordshire terrier, Bouiver Des Flanders 3 back to back also a Papillon, the Dobe and Dachshunds. One we got a CD CGC on my 1st Bouvier,2nd Bouvier had illlness,the Papillon had illness so that was the end of showing and obedience but will always train for manners. Hope to learn all I can about Dachshunds.