Help identify Daschund breed


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Hello and welcome to you and Mango to the Forum. :)

Mango does not look like a pure-bred Dachshund to me - body too short, legs too long, slightly broader head, shorter nose, smaller ears that are set higher and do not fall like a Dachshund. I know that my avatar picture of Tikva, who is a Dachshund [dam] / Minpin [sire] cross was taken a while back, but she now looks very much like Mango, especially in the second picture - with that gloriously high tuck.

But Mango is such a gorgeous pup all the same! :D

How old is Mango and what does he/she weigh?

If you have any problems in navigating the Forum, or any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do the best I can to assist you.

Tikki [Staff]


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Tikki - thank you for the reply . Mango was 2 years old when she passed ;( my family and I are finally ready for another dog, hence why I am looking to find what breed mango was . I always thought of her as a Daschund/ Minpin mix but I cant locate a breeder or her mix .

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I am so sorry to read about Mango and I feel bad about welcoming her when she is no longer around. :(

Tikva was from an accidental mating and I do not know if anyone would deliberately breed that cross, but who knows? I was not looking for a pure-bred pup, nor even a cross-breed - my previous two dogs having been much loved mutts, both rescued as unwanted puppies. Not at the same time though and from two different sources. I lost the first one eleven months after I rescued the second one, and when I lost her, on 1 April last year [she was severely epileptic] I just wanted another puppy as quickly as possible, as I could not bear living alone without a dog.

She was only three-weeks old when I was told to go and collect her - I had seen her dog mother and her litter mates on the Tuesday and she came home with me on the Friday, not even weaned, so had be bottle fed. She is coming up to 18 months old now and I adore her.

I do hope you find your new fur baby soon, even if she is not the same mix as Mango. I am sure you will love her just as much as you loved Mango and you will get the same love back.

Tikki xx