Have great dog from breeder w/ bad reports - do we return to her for our second pup?


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Hi everyone --

I'm new to the forum and looking for advice. We have a boy doxie who will be 4 years old in December. We got him from a breeder in NJ in 2011. We've always planned on getting him a little sister but circumstances kept getting in the way. Now we are able to start looking again. The breeder is still in business but has changed names twice since we met her. I believe this is at least partly because of several bad reviews of her business on Ripoff Report.

The bad reports claim she is a puppy mill masquerading as a small home breeder, that she keeps the dogs in bad conditions, and that she sells sick dogs and refuses to admit wrongdoing or take back/offer refunds on her dogs. I don't know what to believe. Several of the reports sound like they are written regarding the same incident, which could mean more than one person involved is trying to trash her business because of being unhappy with the dog they (or their friend or relative) received. A few reports indicate they were given the runaround by the breeder and told multiple lies. In one instance, the complainant says they eventually received a refund.

Changing the business name several times does concern me, but I also understand that once someone has been labeled a puppy mill, even if they are innocent of the charge, that the stigma can follow them forever and impact their business. There were also a couple people who responded on the website saying they were surprised at the complaints as they have wonderful, healthy dogs from this breeder. (Of course those could also be false statements written by the breeder or friends of the breeder.)

So who to believe? It's understandable that a dog can develop health issues even when both parents are healthy, and there could be no way for the breeder to foresee the problem as it may not become known until the dog is older. I'm just nervous at returning to her. If she is indeed an irresponsible breeder selling sick dogs I would be heartbroken to fall in love with another adorable furball and then lose her too soon. But our boy Herbert is the light of our lives. He is seriously the most wonderful dog I have ever had. He has such a joyous personality and enthusiasm for life. He loves people; we call him our little neighborhood ambassador. People stop us on the street to say hi to him and thank us for bringing some doggy love into their day. He's very handsome and healthy, loving and snuggly, and I am so thankful we found him. Is it possible he's the rare jewel in a bad operation? My husband thinks we should ask the breeder about the bad reports, but if she is truly at fault she's certainly not going to admit it.

Thanks to all who read this and any who can offer advice!


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Trust your gut and go elsewhere.
Would you consider a show breeder? Would you consider an adult retiring from showing? I prefer supporting show breeders who are putting in time, effort and money to breed the best of the best. They are interested in doing health testing that is available. I don't think the breeder you mention is likely doing any of these.


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The "breeder" we bought our dog off of had some very negative reviews come to light after our purchase. Even though our dog was healthy and happy, I would never return. I'd rather purchase my pet from a reputable source and keep those who do it for the wrong reasons from making money on unsuspecting buyers.