Hard time finding good breeders


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Hello Dachshund Talk!

A little background: About a month ago I lost a longhaired dachshund named Lady to cancer. She was a FANTASTIC dog, but died prematurely (I think) at around 9.5 years old. I rescued her so didn't know anything about her lineage, and this time around I'd like to find a fur baby that comes from a reputable breeder.

The thing is, I'm having a REALLY hard time finding one! I live in the Chicago area and I've searched online for breeders in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and even Ohio. I've contacted a number of breeders who have responded with weird emails. For example, saying I could never come visit the puppies or parents on site, that they don't provide any sort of health guarantee or support, not wanting to talk about how long they have been breeding, etc.

Even weirder, most of the websites I've found or have been referred to are no longer valid. It's like half of the dachshund breeders in the U.S. just stopped breeding altogether. I've even checked via the AKC site without much luck.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to find out about good doxie breeders in the midwest? Or any referrals to someone? I cannot believe how hard this has been :(

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have you checked out the DCA list? even if they are no longer breeding they may know someone that is...or someone close to you breeder referral it really sounds like you have been looking in the wrong spots.


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Tell me about it!

I'm having the same problem in Chicagoland! I'll let you know if I find anyone I trust enough to buy from.