Guard Dog Test Fail!

Cashs Mom

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My HoneyDog is a dachshund mix I got from rescue last fall. With all that's been going on with Darby and his liver tumor she hasn't gotten the attention that she needs. I have done some training with her and she's learning well. I learned the hard way that she's a runner and so I don't open the front door if she's not confined. Last weekend, the doorbell rang and I decided that Honey needed a bit more exposure to new people and I needed to see what her response was to someone on the front porch. So that she couldn't run, I put a slip rope on her, got a good grip on it and opened the door. There was a teen boy there inquiring if we wanted our house power washed. Honey was very quiet as I talked to him and when I checked to see what her response to a stranger on "her" territory was, she was wagging her tail! Guard dog fail, but well socialized dog triumph! Go Honey!